Antonio Manzi's Anger

In occasion of the retrospective exhibition Ricorda con rabbia (Remember with anger), unpublished and never exhibited works of Manzi can be seen. The most significant works of the first part of the artistic output of Antonio Manzi is on display. A unique exhibition from which arise strong anger and discomfort  which characterize the beginnings of the artist’s activities.


Manzi The anger resulted from biographic events, Manzi was born in 1953 in the province of Avellino but moved to Tuscany where, as a boy, he spent seven years in an institution: a period that marked him and  he was only able to overcome through his artistic creations.

His pictures are not “beautiful” at all but rather strike inside as they strongly represent a discomfort to which the observer cannot remain indifferent:  it is a representation of the world’s show in which sweetness, melancholy and rage melt together with incredible actuality. Along with the exhibition there is a video which tells the traces of the artist’s life.       

Manzi has his own museum in Campi Bisenzio and returns to bring to life places in the province of Florence.

Antonio Manzi. Ricorda con rabbia (Remember with anger)

From 18 February to 7 April

City of Pontassieve, Sala delle Colonne (Hall of Columns)
Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 16:00-19:00; Wednesday and Friday 9:30-12:30; Mondays closed
Free admission
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