Robert Mapplethorpe, Perfection in Form
The title of the exhibition, which is curated by Franca Falletti and Jonathan Nelson, comes directly from the late photographer's own description of artistic intent: “I am looking for perfection in form”.
 The photographs are divided into five groups; four to be on display in the special exhibition area, and one to be displayed separately, inside the main body of the museum. Each group tackles a different aspect of Form, the overarching concept valourized by Mapplethorpe's work.
 A portion of the ninety one photographs will be displayed next to works by Michelangelo (four drawings and a sketch, in addition to two statues—David and the Four Prisoners—and the painting Venus and Cupid) and near the Rape of the Sabines, by Giambologna.
 In his lifetime, Mapplethorpe knew many of the artists at the centre of New York's contemporary art scene, including Brice Marden, Man Ray, Ettore Spalletti and Andy Warhol. As influences and contemporaries of the artist, then, some of their works may be found on display at the exhibition along with Mapplethorpe's.

Robert Mapplethorpe. Perfection in Form
Galleria dell’Accademia
26 May – 27 September 2009
Open to the general public Tuesday – Sunday from 8:15 – 18:50
Closed Monday
Admission: € 10,00 (entrance to the Accademia included)
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