The Londa Queen Peach (Pesca Regina)

as_pesche_reginaThe unmistakeable aroma of the traditional fruits of the countryside around Florence
The Londa Queen Peach is a beautiful white peach variety with a greenish-white skin and reddish streaks. Deliciously sweet, it is firm in consistency and has a very intense aroma. It is a late variety that ripens between September and October, and comes from the Londa area, a municipality in the Montagna Fiorentina where it is still cultivated today.

Their sweetness makes them highly suitable for making jam, but in many people’s view the best option is to eat them straight off the tree, when they are at their freshest and most aromatic. Commercially speaking, its chief qualities are its flavour and the fact that is a late ripener.

as_albero_pesche_reginaThe Londa Queen Peach has been produced in the area for at least 50 years, and is currently cultivated by about ten fruit-growers operating in the municipality of Londa and other parts of the province of Florence. They are distributed and sold in local markets and large retailers in the province.

On the second Sunday of September the Festa della regina di Londa is held in Londa, in the course of which a panel of experts awards a prize for the best case of Londa Queen Peaches. The experts also assess other local peach varieties (Florentine burrone and cotogne, and the cotogna of Rosano).

For more information about peaches and other traditional Tuscan products, visit the site of the ARSIA TOSCANA (Regional Agency for Development and Innovation in the Agricultural and Forestry Sector. Unfortunately, at the moment this extremely interesting site is available only in Italian).

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